The core business SLOM d.o.o. the production of apples based on integratedfruit production that is environmentally and people friendly production. Which means that it is in production use chemicals are minimized. The use of aprotective means which do not impact on the environment and human health. In defense against pests to help us their natural enemies: ladybug, siničke, birds of prey …
Latest knowledge producers sprays are also allowed use of funds, which are produced from natural materials and storage of apples in cold storage which is comprised of eight 170,000 kg of cooling cells. for subsequent sale throughout the year.
In cold stored apples grown in our orchards, which cover 20 acres and purchased from the Slovenian fruit growers. The total cold storage capacity is 1600000 kg of apples stored in boxes, dimensions 1200x1000x750 mm to accommodate up to 300 kg net of apples. Cold storage has a modern design of indirect cooling, where the freonom cooled glycol and thereby achieve a minimum temperature difference (delta T)  optimize temperature in the cooling cell and the temperature of supplied air in order to extend the storage time of fruits, while maintaining its quality at the best level, which allows that apples stay fresh and moist throughout the year.

A cold store operates under a ULO (Ultra Low OXIGEN )  which means that every cell in a controlled atmosphere ,  primarily oxygen and carbon dioxide.

The main apple varieties are Idared, Jonagold, Golden Delicious, Gloster, Melrose, Fuji, Breaburn, Elstar, Gala, Topas, Spartan Jonathan, Mutsu, Pins ,         Greny Smith

TThe company sold 3.5 million annually . kg of apples
The main sales markets ;
Slovenia ( Mercator , Spar , schools, kindergartens , hospitals )
Bosnia and Herzegovina


In Slovenia, annually produces 50 million to 70 million kg of apples, to 2,500 hectares of land, which are interspersed with intensive orchards.
Of the total quantities are produced annually in the cold storage of 25,000 to 50,000 tons. Selling through an entire season, from August to July.
In Slovenia the eight major companies engaged in the production and sale of apple

        Holešek Mohor

Slom d.o.o