It’s a pear tree that has its origins in France. It grows well. Among the pears is one more sensitive to spring frost. The fruit is large, often asymmetrical. The basic color of the plume is yellowish green. When it is ripened, its color turns into golden yellow, it may have a slightly red pepper. There are strong lancectellas on it. The meat is fine texture, juicy, sweet and medium aromatic. The fruits are mature and harvested in mid-September.


In our offer you can find pears of the following varieties:

  • viljamovka
  • pakmas
  • conferance
  • abate fatel


Pears belong to the family of baking fruits. Worldwide, there are 1500 different varieties of pears, which differ in shell, juice content and flavor.


Pears have an important nutritional physiological value. It is necessary to introduce a small proportion of fruit acids, as well as a high potassium content, which affects the drainage of water. A widely-held view that pears are slim, is a bias because it is the opposite. Nutritional value: 100 g of fruit has 54 calories / 231 kJ


Pears grow rapidly, so they are ideal for diets and, in addition, accelerate digestion.


The fruit is medium-sized. The meat is juicy, fine texture, soluble, sweet sour taste and fragrant. Zori at the end of September.


It is of English origin. The fruit is medium to large. The meat is juicy, soluble, sweet, fragrant. It’s mid-September.


The variety has been known since the 18th century. The fruit is medium in size. It is juicy, aromatic, with a characteristic muscular aroma, of a great taste. It ripens from mid-August to late September.