Handful of dried apples , or at best a half day of many days in a row, the universal remedy for
severe hunger, indigestion, and feeling grumpy. Dried apple slices are useful for microorganisms
and detoxifying effect .

Several days in a row you enjoy for breakfast and see their effect on digestion. Because it is such a pretty lengthy segments breakfast nice and easy and hassle free žvecimo even half an hour or more can make a compromise between a walk and breakfast, driving to work or whatever we do in the morning. Of

course not sing only a few segments, but you enjoy a cup full of pocket or, in short,
to the extent that we are no longer hungry.

The dried fruit eaten at every opportunity and is also suitable for lunch. Its main task is upgraded so that ga when soaked in water to soften it and become more digestible. Even when compote can cook, but you may not even need, since it is already uncooked and only in water soaked dried fruit good ” compote.” Th

e bread with dried fruit when we bake.

Apples are concentrated source of energy, compared to the bloody apples contain fiber and a little


Quality fruit that grows in our area , the traditional basis of brandy or žganjarstvu.
To this must be added to the wealth of experience , providing a good product .
From fruit wine and prepare a great blueberry liqueur and blueberry . Domestic sugar addition to fruit brandy is added blueberries . Blueberry liqueur in Slovenia has a very long tradition .